Wedding Speechs by the Groom

The groom’s speech is expected to be more serious than the best man’s speech, so it can be an easier speech to prepare. If you feel a little less nervous about giving your speech, remember that your wedding guests are your friends and family and they are all looking forward to hearing you speak. In your speech, you can:

· Thank the bride for marrying you

· Thank the bride’s parents for the wedding and for the great job they have done in raising their daughter

· Thank your parents for all they have done for you

· Relate a humorous courtship tale

· Thank your best man and ushers

· Share your thoughts about your bride and your future together.

Example 1


Well , what can I say, Thankyou for those kind words Alan and I hope £20 was enough.

I recently read somewhere that a survey had been conducted of things that people fear most, and top of the list above things like spiders and heights, was the fear of standing up and making a speech in public.
I'm no different, suffice to say that this isn't the first time today I've risen from a warm seat with a piece of paper in my hand.


Many people thought this day would never come. That I'd be standing here making the speech of a Newly Married man, myself included.
Many people have also told me how lucky I am to be marrying Jo, including Jo in fact.

But I would like everybody here, especially my new bride, to know how lucky and proud I am to be standing here speaking to you as her husband.


And so, for the very first time, I'd like to say, 'On behalf of my Wife and I'I would like to thank you all for coming today and sharing Our special day.
I know this is meant to be our day, but of course it wouldn't be as special a day if it wasn't for our family and friends
being here with us, and I'm sure you'll all agree that we found the ideal
setting for this memorable occasion.

We would also like to thank you all for your cards, kind thoughts and wonderful gifts.


Tradition dictates that I now tell you an amusing story or two about Jo, unfortunately she dictates that I do no such thing. But I will say, that we've been living together now for nearly 3 years, and in that time I've learned a very valuable lesson:

Whenever you're Wrong - Admit It!!
Whenever you're Right - Keep Quiet!!

That's probably good advice for most men actually!!!


There are a few thankyous I'd like to make tonight.

I'd like to start by thanking everyone that's helped make this day the success I'm sure you'll all agree it has been.

Thank Daph

I'd like to say a special thank you though to Jo's mum Daphne and her husband Stan for their generosity in helping with today's events.

Not only that, I'd like to thank Daphne for the fabulous job she's done in making Jo's Wedding Dress.

When Jo made her entrance at the Ceremony, I can honestly say I was overwhelmed at how stunning she looked.

I would also like to thank Daphne for the kindness she has shown me from the first day we met.

Over the years she has given me some lovely gifts, Birthday presents and Christmas presents, but the gift of your daughter is one I will cherish forever.


Thank Mum and Dad
I would like to say a thankyou to my mum and dad, for everything they have given me during my life and for bringing me up the way they did.

Jo is especially grateful for this as she much prefers that I do the ironing. I would also like to make a special mention that just a couple of months ago they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Just think, if we make it that far I'll be 92, and Jo .? Well, she'll be getting on a bit too.

Example 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'll keep this speech short because of my shins . . . I've asked Kate to kick them if I go on too long!

On behalf of my wife and I…….we'd like to thank you all for coming here today and sharing our special day with us. There are times when it's good to be surrounded by people who are important to you, and for us this is one of those occasions. We hope that you're enjoying it every bit as much as we are and we'd like to thank you for your kind wishes cards….presents and support.

We must say we've been really impressed by the number of people that have rallied round to help us in preparation for today….if you're not mentioned by name……and that's most of you…..please be assured that Kate and I are very grateful.

David and Maggie, thank you not only for your hospitality this evening and your kindness…..but for also giving me your very beautiful daughter….I promise I'll take good care of her and….of course….do everything she tells me to…..even if it involves golf! I must confess I did actually try it a while ago, and during one lesson with the local pro I asked him whether he had seen any improvement since my last lesson. And he said….”er…..yup, that's a much better haircut”.

So Maggie, we have a present here for you.

I also want to say thank you to my parents who put up with me for all these years…..You have both been there for me when I've needed you and given me a wonderful start in life and I'm very fortunate and proud to have you as my mum and dad….And I've a present for you here Mum, as a thank you.

I can imagine that Neil….my best man… getting impatient to make his speech soon…. Now….many people don't know that Neil suffers from a rare medical condition which causes him to invent fanciful stories. He really does believe these stories to be true and I thank you for humouring him during his speech.

He and a few other people here have also asked where we are going on honeymoon ….when I discussed it with Kate I suggested somewhere hot where I hadn't been before….So I am pleased to announce to you all that Kate booked us in for a honeymoon in the kitchen…

Anyway….I am absolutely delighted to be able stand here today with Kate…. I never knew what was missing in my life before I met her….Kate has been a constant source of friendship, support and love…. Of course I've no doubt that she is going to tell me afterwards that the only thing missing in my life at the moment is golf…..although I am still waiting for her to explain the attraction to a game that consists of a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

And finally, the bridesmaids…. Thanks for calming Kate nerves and helping in her preparation today. I'd also like thank you for getting her to the church in one piece and on time, you’ve done a brilliant job. We have a small gift for each of you as a token of our appreciation.

Well, that's it from me for now, but, before I pass you over to my best man, Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand and lift your glasses and join me in a toast to bridesmaids……

Example 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to witness a unique event in history. This is the very first and very last time that my wife is going to let me speak on behalf of both of us.

I was really, really nervous about standing up here and speaking, suffice to say this is not first time today I've risen from a warm seat with a piece paper in my hand.

Today, so far has been a day beyond my wildest dreams. They say you don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without which is very true with Karen.

I thought I had prepared myself quite well for today but nothing could have prepared me enough for when I saw Karen walk down the aisle. I thought my legs were about to give way from underneath me. Never have I seen her looking so beautiful. I was overwhelmed to the say the least.

I should be used to it now as Karen always dresses to kill, its just unfortunate that she cooks the same way.

So my first thank you goes to Karen, my wife, my bride and joy. Thank you for everything you have done. You know everything about me and yet you still said “I do”. Thank you. GIVE SINGLE ROSE.

Ok, now for the rest of my speech.

Thanks to Bob for those kind words. I know it must have been hard for you today. Although, when it came to the time for you to walk Karen down the aisle, I could have sworn I saw you running!!! Not sure about this receipt though Bob.
Thanks again Bob and Thanks to Josie for making sure he didn’t go on and on…………..I know Bob was worried about his throat during his speech today….Josie had threatened to cut it if he went on too long.

My next thank you is for all of you. Thank you for your presence, in both senses of the word. Thank you for choosing to be part of our special day and making it that bit more special. Can I just say its great to see so many of you, all here together. It has just become apparent to me how big my family has become. Thanks to all of Karen’s family for making me welcome and making me an honouree PIT YACKER.

Thanks to all of our friends for coming today. I never knew you could brush up so well. It’s amazing the lengths some people will go to for a free meal. It’s really great to see you all here.

Thank you to my family, my 3 sisters, Michelle, Sam and Giv for travelling this far to share our special day with us. As if Giv needed an excuse to stay in a hotel for a few nights. Thanks to Claire and Ben as well joining them and making sure Sam didn’t get lost driving up here. Thanks also for helping to set all the tables this morning; I think you will agree I did a great job, even for a man.

I need to say a really big thanks to Joan and John and family who have travelled a long way to be here today. When I told Joan I was getting married over a year ago, she said she wouldn’t miss it for the world….and true to her word, she is here today. Thanks again.

Thanks also to Martin and Matt for travelling here today and thanks for letting us use your car. I will return it next week sometime.

Now for Jim and Carole. At this point I would like to say that most people consider themselves to be lucky to have one Mum and Dad. I now have 3, this day just gets better and better.

I need to say a huge, huge thank you to Jim and Carole for today. Without them, this day would never have been so perfect. When Karen and I were planning to get married, we had considered getting married in Florida. However, after a bit of gentle persuasion from Carol (which consisted of her hands wrapped around my neck) we decided to give it a miss. They both have been a tower of strength for us both and have helped us in every sense of the word. I hope I can live up to you expectations.
I have intercepted another receipt. This one is for Carol and it’s from my dad.
Now onto my parents. You have always been there for me when I needed you most. Your love has never faltered. You have given me so much love and support over the years; I can never thank you enough. I need to thank you for your guidance, for putting up with me and for pointing me in the right direction-usually only to watch me go off and do exactly the opposite, of course…buts that’s what son’s are for and do best. I hope today that I have made you both proud to call me your son.

You have often said that I brighten up your life, but that’s only because I never could learn to turn out the lights. Thanks for EVERYTHING…and that word is not big enough.

Thank you to my best man, Marmaduke. I should really wait until after his speech before I give my thanks. I first met Marms in Greece when we lived over there. He showed me how to drink loads, fall over lots and still find your way home, eventually. I originally came up here to see him for a bank holiday some years ago. Before I knew it, I had moved here. Thanks for making my stag night a night to remember…..even though you can remember much past 10pm. Thanks for getting my friends so drunk, one of them had to call his wife at 9pm so she could come and get him. All joking aside, thanks Marms. You have always been there for me no matter what and I really appreciate it.

Thank you to Bradley for being such a great pageboy. Never have I seen a cushion carried so well. You looked terrific and I am proud to say your hair is modelled on mine.

I need to say a Special thanks to my nephew, Alex, for doing a great job as my usher and for a lovely reading in church. Can I also say thanks for not doing your impression of Usher himself and rapping the reading instead of reading it !!

I would also like to say thank you to Julie and Neil for all their help with today. Thanks especially to Neil for being our photographer for the day. I hope the lens isn’t too badly damaged.

No wedding is complete without the Bridesmaids. Julie and Neil thank you for lending us your daughters…but remember, we only needed them for the day.

A few weeks ago, when I was writing this speech, Nicole was just getting over chicken pox and Brooke had just started scratching. I was worried to say the least. I myself have never had chicken pox so I had to stay away from them, which was extremely difficult as I love them both so much. If you could bottle their enthusiasm for this day you would be set for life. I think you will all agree, they look absolutely stunning today. Thank you both.

Can I please ask you all to stand and raise your glasses in a toast to the bridesmaids, Nicole and Brooke.

Well, that’s me all done.

Can I please now ask you all to welcome to the stage, a man who needs no introduction…….but I will introduce him anyway….my best man and best friend, Marmaduke.