The meaning of gemstones:
  • Constancy       Garnet         (January):
  • Sincerity          Amethyst     (February):
  • Courage          Bloodstone   (March):
  • Purity              Diamond       (April):
  • Success           Emerald        (May):
  • Health              Pearl            (June):
  • Passion            Ruby            (July):
  • Happiness       Sardonyx        (August):
  • Wisdom          Sapphire         (September):
  • Hope              Opal               (October):
  • Fidelity            Topaz            (November):
  • Harmony         Turquoise      (December):

The meaning of flowers in the bridal bouquet:

  • Lily: purity
  • Rose: true love
  • Carnation: honest love
  • Violet: truthfulness Forget-me-not: sincerity
  • Orchid: beauty
  • Ivy: friendship
  • Daisy: trust
  • Woodbine (honeysuckle): faithfulness
  • Orange blossom: Giving

Orange blossom was always the traditional bridal bouquet flower in these isles and an 18th century English custom was to present the happy couple with orange blossom, myrtle and rose water to bring them luck and happiness. There are many superstitions and old wives’ tales revolving around weddings.

Here is a selection:

Marry in Lent, live to repent. Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, Saturday no luck at all! If you change the name and not the letter, You marry for worse and not for better.Marry in white, you’ve chosen right, Marry in blue, your love will be true, Marry in yellow, ashamed of the fellow, Marry in red, you’ll wish yourself dead, Marry in black, you’ll wish yourself back, Marry in grey, travel away, Marry in pink, your spirits will sink, Marry in green, ashamed to be seen.

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