Most weddings in Ireland take place in churches and the majority of them are Christian weddings performed in a Catholic church. The following is an outline of what sort of rules and guidelines you may be advised of when you decide to marry.

Roman Catholic Marriage Ceremonies

The first step is to visit your priest who will help you arrange a date for the wedding and advise you of requirements for marrying in a Catholic church. It will be the priest’s job to help you to prepare for the sacrament of marriage and to ensure that you are both aware of the responsibilities and commitments you are undertaking. You must give at least three months notice of your intention to marry to the priest.

Where one or both of the parties intending to marry are under 18, three months notice must be given during which time the priest will help the couple to adequately prepare for marriage. You will be advised of pre-marriage courses available to you. You must also provide the following documents: - Certificate of baptism (issued 6 months before the wedding) - Letters of freedom from any parish you have resided in for over 6 months - Where parties are under 21, letters of consent from parents (the priest will advise you on this) - a pre-nuptial enquiry form, which you must complete with a priest of your parish.

The priest will also discuss with you the marriage rite and help you with your plans for the ceremony.

Church of Ireland Marriage Ceremonies

The rector of the church in which you intend to marry will advise you on the requirements you mush comply with. For three consecutive Sundays prior to the marriage, the banns (intention to marry) will be read out in the parishes of the parties intending to marry. Then the rector will give a certificate of banns for which there will be a fee.

Marriage can be carried by Ordinary Licence or Special Licence and the rector will advise you of which is appropriate and how to go about this. You should give your rector fair notice so that the requirements for marriage can be fulfilled in order for you to marry.

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